The Law Office of Tara Haaland-Ford


"I have had the privilege of knowing Tara Haaland-Ford for several years now and she has worked all of my cases from Santa Barbara. From the first case that she worked for me until the last, she was completely dedicated to fixing the legal issues that I created for myself.

Regardless of the offense, whether minor or major, she handled the case with the upmost seriousness. Having Tara as my lawyer honestly made dealing my issues infinitely less painful. She essentially took care of every possible aspect of the legal process, bothering me as little as possible.

Despite how wonderful of a lawyer Tara has been, her greatest quality is definitely the care that she has for her clients. When it came to getting through some very tough times, Tara made me feel like she was more of a friend or family member than a lawyer.

Although my legal issues are currently all resolved, I still feel comfortable picking up the phone and calling Tara for legal advice whenever I need to.

In the past I have recommended friends to Tara for legal advice, and I would definitely recommend anyone in Santa Barbara to give her a call if they need someone who can help them, but also care about them."

- Law Office of Tara Haaland-Ford Client